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The Ford Mondeo Car That Evolves

June 23, 2009

When coming to choose the best possible salon car, most car magazines or other media Automotive will point you in the specific make and model, the Ford Mondeo. Ford Mondeo is a consistent and sell popular since its release in 1993. Back then it was a replacement for the popular Ford Sierra, which is a model ship for both the Ford car company, but began to lose steam. Ford Mondeo is meant to reinvigorate the design and bring a more ‘executive’ in the margins of producers who start running out of ideas.

Mondeo, which then began the rule of 20 + years in the saloon car market, which will not dissipate thank Ford for developing the design correctly. The current fall in the new design to the Ford ‘kinetic‘ design aesthetic, which is meant to represent the vehicle’s movement even when standing stock still. This sound a cliched’ go as far as design briefs, but in practice it actually works better and looks sharp.

Rather crude experiment to see how the Ford Mondeo has been developed over time, I have spent hours comparing the original Mk 1 Mondeo a new edition of Mark 4. The first impression is clearly very different, the Mk1 looks a bit too much like the old Sierra my taste, but that step in the right direction. Instead, MK4 like it was created by Mercedes during a cloning experiment gone wrong SLK. In short, looks fantastic.

The performance tests confirm the new edition of a clear dominance in the office before. A lap time trial race from the 3.4-mile race track, there is a clear winner, although both cars have 2.0 liter gasoline engine. As if you have not alleged that won by the MK 4 shame the old 6.3 seconds.


Latest Truck Accessories

June 17, 2009

There are so many accessories for the truck or SUV. With easy to find good looking and useful accessories to customize the truck.

First, you can details of your truck. A professional clean not only makes your truck look new and extraordinary, but it can also prevent rust damage, and greatly increase the value of re-selling truck and you longevity. Summer or winter is the perfect time for detail. All people want to show off their truck in the summer, and to protect from bugs and debris, and in winter it is important that the salt in the body to prevent rust.

A portable cooler / heater that can plug into the truck and is very comfortable. Keep snacks or drinks cold or hot sandwich or on a long road trip can make a very comfortable ride. Also, the rise of supermarket house, no matter how long, much better because you do not need to worry about the meat spoiling susu or increase your home. In the same boat, choose the dinner on the ride home form work, the food stays hot with the heating and hot and ready when you are ready for dinner.

Canopy design which, though not certain add on accessories, you can create a comfortable experience. Out on Sunday at the camping trip and will provide shade from the heat escape.

Power inverters is one of the best you can buy accessories. Electricity such as a DVD player or laptop computer can be used for the entire trip. Game consoles have become more popular, and requires power from the inverter.

Bike racks. Outdoor enthusiast? Being a bike rack and the wheel takes you to you when you go. Most forms of swing, so you can also drag the object and does not interfere with the fear of street view. When you access to the forest, or just around town, you can bring your bikes with the comfortable and easy.

Hitch basket attach your truck hitch and offers extra storage or a space. They come hard storage bags, nets, and cargo side of the bar. Versatile cart accessory that can be used to tow or haul almost anything comfortable.

Loading ramps for truck bed is a must have for motorcyclists and ATV. They allow you to easily load your toys in the truck bed. Much is made of strong, lightweight aluminum so easily gathered, brought down, and load your truck bed. They do not skid surface makes it easier to just one person to do the job of three people.

Sports Trucks and SUV tents. Until you can get the air mattress in the back of the truck, you will always have a comfortable place to sleep. Suitable for truck and camping enthusiast. Tent that is directly toward your vehicle, and offer evidence of large water storage and transportation if you do not sleep in it.

Ban step allows you to stand on the roof of the storage. Has been installed directly over your wheels, with out damage or affect performance. This unique accessory when installed on the rear wheel of a truck can also be used to access the side and behind the bed. This is a very popular accessory in pickups and S UV’s.