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The Most Beautiful Roadster on the Road

May 30, 2009

If the desire for satisfaction outweighs practical needs that can be a way for your car – the BMW Z4 one of the most interesting to the eye.

BMW Z4 is one of the more interesting sports car is available at this time. Known to steering and handling, thrilling inline six-cylinder engine and unique styling. Recent improvements to make best Z4 yet, and older models still have the options that are very excited to be used sports car.

Beautiful car

-Did you know you like the car when you look out, look back, walk and take another look. BMW Z4 is one of the car. It combines the classic roadster look contemporary angle to make a very good-looking car

We drove the Sport trim model with a satisfyingly big three spoke steering wheel is on hold. Gigi Handbrake and the prominent position that is quite low for the Z4-down, sporty seating position. A quick and easy rev counter visible through the spokes to control the audio and air is located in the neat, uncluttered center stack.

Both seats are comfortable and not feel narrow. Cabin-space for the items are limited to storage combined with a significant vertical gulf between drivers and passengers and small spaces in the back seat other guests.

BMW Z4 is a joy to drive to the city center, with sharp steering and strong chassis put a smile on our face in minutes with the car.